At Toyo Tires, we take every aspect of serving you, our customer, very seriously. This is why we are "Driven" to "Perform" above and beyond in a variety of areas. We are Driven to produce the best products, Driven to be the best employees and Driven to have industry leading after sales support.

What Does It mean?

What does the "Driven To Perform" statement mean? To many it could simply mean we have an exceptional line of performance tires. This is true but Toyo Tires are also known to have great passenger, light truck tires and commercial tires for a variety of road conditions in a variety of seasons. "Driven To Perform" is not just a statement that Toyo Tires builds great tires that perform well in variety of conditions but much more.


DRIVEN to Produce the Best!

Part of the "Driven" concept is that Toyo Tires, globally, is driven to produce the best product possible. Starting with technically advanced super computer technology, to the use of superior testing methods in extreme conditions, combined with actually testing the tires in the regions they will be used in prior to going to market, helps ensure Toyo tires will be at the top of their class whatever the task.

This dedication to detail, advanced thinking, and the drive to produce the best has earned Toyo Tires the distinction of best overall tire brand over and over again.


DRIVEN to have the Best employees!

To be able to compete on a global scale, Toyo Tires has made an effort to hire top tier staff. The best at what they do, not only designing and manufacturing tires however the best at servicing their customers as well. From dealer support, consumer relations or clerical and accounting departments we are all "Driven" to be the best.

This does not only mean efficient in what we do, however but that we pride ourselves to be a global company that is approachable and friendly. We have never forgotten who our customers really are!

 best employees toyo

DRIVEN to have the best after sales support!

After any purchase you want to be sure that you are being taken care of for whatever the reason.

At Toyo we ensure that we have the industry leading warranties and after sales policies to ensure you are always taken care of for as long as you own your Toyo tires.


DRIVEN to be the best!

Toyo Tires takes every aspect of producing tires for their customers seriously. No matter how much we use advanced methods to design our tires, test or race them in extreme conditions, ultimately, we are "DRIVEN" to ensure they "PERFORM" well in one particularly demanding area ... the Real World!

And that's where you drive the most!


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